At the crossroads of performance, safety and environmental issues, automotive parts are an exciting challenge. They are designed to meet ever-higher requirements and reach an ever-lower carbon footprint. With this focus also our solutions are developed. They make assembly conditions more reliable by providing a stable friction, guarantee a safe joint that withstand the daily impacts of driving and extend the service life of parts, even when exposed to an aggressive environment.
Pre-stressing causing heavy loads, vibrations on large elements, humidity, temperature variations, polluted atmosphere, dust from catenaries, paintwork or even graffities; whatever they belong to rolling stock or infrastructure, metal parts must withstand numerous challenges. As we believe they are made to be overcome, our teams are committed to help you to select the coating solution that will guarantee the safety of the users while limiting maintenance operations.
Wind power
Whether onshore or offshore, wind turbines are becoming more and more powerful. This led to an increase of safety and technical requirements as well as a potential rise in maintenance costs. Closer to your needs, our coatings fit the specific constraints of the parts environment (tower, blade hub, nacelle, …). Driven by market’s evolutions, they are design to ensure an optimal durability, minimize maintenance costs and guarantee the integrity of the device.
Solar power
Whether they are solar energy farms or simple solar panels, their components are subject to harsh climatic conditions: UV rays, wind, bad weather and pollution. Because we know the impact of these factors on the durability of your installations, we offer high-performance anti-corrosion coatings adapted to your fasteners as well as to your clamping systems or mounting rails.
Oil & gas
Offshore equipment is subject to hostile operating conditions, in particular, to the action of sea water in splash zones. Consequently, they require a very high level of protection against corrosion. On land, refineries, storage tanks or oil pipelines are not less demanding, due to sandstorms or chemical pollution drained by the industrial fabric. Thus, aware of these specificities, we mobilize our know-how to design solutions adapted to the protection of these installations, whatever their environment.
5G telecommunication equipment
The zenith of human information technology revolution embodied by 5G industry is renowned far and wide. Essential composite parts related to antenna cover, radiator or even PCB have henceforth instituted a cross-industrial supply chain with manufacturers of all commercial strata. The emergence of an increasing number of part makers in this realm has indubitably brought new opportunities and challenges to our anti-corrosion systems. And we are proud to have successfully met them.
Electrical equipment
Parts intended for the electrical sector can be covered with insulating or conductive coatings. Indeed, oxidation as well as corrosion caused by humidity and air pollution can degrade the electrical properties of the components. With a large range of basecoats and topcoats which, in combination with each other, can determine the electrical resistance of the coating, NOF METAL COATINGS GROUP offers you a large choice of systems.
Metallic construction
Metallic construction is subject to extreme climatic phenomena and stresses, especially in earthquake-prone regions. Therefore, in addition to corrosion protection, two decisive factors come into play: the tightening torque and the non-hydrogen embrittlement of fasteners. Our knowledge of tribology combined with our non-electrolytic application processes enable us to provide you with solutions that fully meet these requirements and limit maintenance operations.
Construction equipment
Construction machineries operates in highly corrosive environments, prone to abrasion and stone impact. The durability of the various metal parts and fasteners that compose them is essential to ensure their longevity and efficient work. That's why our patented chemistry offers both excellent anti-corrosion performance and mechanical resistance to the most challenging conditions. These functionalities are complemented by excellent assembly and multi-tightening behavior, which fulfill all OEMs requirements. In addition, our application processes that do not cause hydrogen embrittlement are suitable for a wide variety of part geometries and high-grade fasteners.
Agricultural equipment
Agriculture industry provides an aggressive environment for fasteners, springs and other metal parts that must demonstrate excellent resistance to chemical, fertilizer, stone chipping, weather, and corrosion. The knowledge that we have gained from decades of collaboration with various OEMs enables our coatings to ensure the durability and aesthetic look of these components. Excellent torque control is also guaranteed. In addition, caring about machine safety and anticipating market challenges, we offer application processes that do not cause hydrogen embrittlement as well as water-based coatings that are more environmentally friendly.