Driving Innovation and Collaboration: Highlights from Customer Meet 2024 at Unit 3, Chennai

The recent Customer Meet 2024 at Unit 3, Chennai, was a resounding success, receiving many appreciations from attendees. The event, held at our Vallam plant, brought together leading OEMs and Tier 1 customers for a day of engaging discussions and networking. Here are some key highlights:

Starting with the inauguration of our new robotic coater, “Amigo,” manufactured by SIDASA, we showcased our commitment to automation and efficiency. This innovation represents a significant leap forward for us.

We also presented a year in review and shared our plans for the future, highlighting our focus on sustainable surface finishing and integration with Industry 4.0 technologies.

The event featured industry experts, including Mr. Shravan T, AVP, Procurement at Daimler, and Mr. Rainer Slawetzki, MD at Suspa Pneumatics Pvt Ltd. Their presence added valuable insights to the discussions.

The theme of sustainable and intelligent finishing was central to the event. We demonstrated how our solutions contribute to a greener future and how we are leveraging smart technologies to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Overall, the Customer Meet 2024 was a huge success, motivating us to continue organizing such interactive sessions every year. The positive feedback and testimonials received from customers further validate the success of the event.

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