Aum Dacro Coatings: Optimizing Performance with the Torquer Series

Torquer Series

At Aum Dacro Coatings, with over 18 years of experience as India’s leading zinc flake coating provider, we understand the critical role of maximizing performance and efficiency in today’s demanding industrial landscape. Our commitment to quality extends beyond exceptional corrosion protection with the introduction of the innovative Torquer Series. This range of specialized coatings addresses a crucial aspect of assembly processes: achieving a stable and predictable coefficient of friction (CoF).

Understanding the Importance of Controlled Friction in Bolted Connections

The success of any bolted connection hinges on achieving the desired clamping force. This ensures a joint’s integrity and functionality under various operating conditions. However, achieving the optimal clamping force can be hampered by variations in the CoF between the threaded elements.

Inconsistencies in the CoF can lead to several challenges:

Over-tightening: This can damage threads, stretch the bolt beyond its capacity, and even cause premature failure.

Under-tightening: Insufficient clamping force can compromise joint integrity, potentially leading to leaks, vibrations, and ultimately, component failure.

Addressing these concerns, the Torquer Series from Aum Dacro Coatings offers a solution by providing a precisely formulated coating designed to:

Reduce variation in the CoF
Maintain a stable and predictable friction coefficient
This translates to several benefits for our customers across various industries.

Benefits of the Torquer Series for Your Assembly Processes

Aum Dacro’s Torquer Series offers a range of advantages that optimize performance and efficiency in your assembly lines:

Precise Torque Control: The stable CoF allows for more precise control over tightening torque, ensuring consistent application of the required clamping force. This eliminates the risk of over- or under-tightening, leading to stronger and more reliable joints.

Reduced Pre-load Scatter: Variations in the CoF can lead to inconsistencies in the pre-load achieved for the same applied torque. The Torquer Series minimizes this scatter, ensuring consistent clamping force across all components.

Improved Assembly Efficiency: Predictable tightening behavior allows for faster and more efficient assembly processes. Operators can rely on consistent torque values, reducing the need for rework or over-inspection.

Enhanced Component Life: By preventing over-tightening, the Torquer Series protects components from thread damage and premature failure, extending their lifespan.

Environmentally Friendly: Aum Dacro’s commitment to sustainability extends to the Torquer Series. These coatings are water-based and chrome-free, aligning with your environmental goals.

Applications of the Torquer Series: Industries Benefiting from Controlled Friction

The Torquer Series finds application in a wide range of industries that rely on high-performance bolted connections. Here are some key examples:

Automotive: Engine components, suspension systems, steering assemblies, and body panels all benefit from the precise control over clamping force offered by the Torquer Series. This ensures optimal performance, safety, and durability in vehicles.

Wind Energy: Wind turbines operate in harsh environments and require secure, reliable bolted connections. The Torquer Series helps maintain consistent clamping force in critical components like towers, nacelles, and rotor blades.

Railways: Railway rolling stock demands robust and dependable connections. The Torquer Series promotes consistent joint integrity in bogies, couplers, and other critical components, ensuring passenger and cargo safety.

Construction Equipment: Heavy machinery relies on strong, secure connections. The Torquer Series provides the necessary control over friction for optimal performance in excavators, cranes, bulldozers, and other construction equipment.

General Engineering: Wherever precise torque control and consistent clamping force are crucial, the Torquer Series offers a valuable solution. This includes applications in electronics, appliances, furniture, and various other industries.

The Torquer Series Lineup: Tailored Solutions for Your Needs
Aum Dacro recognizes that different applications may require variations in the CoF. To cater to this need, we offer three distinct options within the Torquer Series:

Torquer CAH: This general-purpose coating delivers a balanced combination of friction reduction and corrosion protection. It’s ideal for a wide range of applications where consistent clamping force and optimal performance are essential.

Neo Torquer B2 Red: Designed for applications requiring a lower CoF, Neo Torquer B2 Red offers exceptional friction reduction while maintaining excellent corrosion resistance. This coating is particularly suitable for high-precision assemblies where minimal scatter in pre-load is critical.

Sustainability Commitment

Aum Dacro is committed to providing environmentally friendly solutions. The Torquer Series is water-based and chrome-free, aligning with your company’s sustainability goals and regulations. By choosing the Torquer Series, you can contribute to a greener manufacturing process without compromising on performance.

Partner with Aum Dacro for Optimized Assembly Performance

Contact our team today to discuss your specific application requirements and discover how the Torquer Series can optimize your assembly processes. We offer comprehensive support, from initial coating selection to application guidance and testing assistance. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you achieve superior performance, efficiency, and long-term success in your assemblies.

In conclusion, Aum Dacro’s Torquer Series represents a significant advancement in zinc flake coating technology. By offering a unique combination of friction control and exceptional corrosion protection, the Torquer Series empowers manufacturers to achieve a new level of performance and quality in their assembly┬áprocesses.

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